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Market by the Creek
Champion Forest Baptist Church
Friday & Saturday, September 28th-29th

Host a HUGG arm party

Once these bracelets were considered survival souvenirs, but now they are tokens of success and represent open hearts, open arms, and open doors. So have yourself a HUGG arm party to celebrate.


Buy a bracelet. Change a life.

We give a handUP so that young men like Max don’t have to live a life of handouts.

When you buy a HUGG bracelet, you open doors of opportunity for orphans aging out of institutions.

We aren’t just feeding orphans, we are helping them feed themselves.

"God has opened doors for me through HandUp and now I feel motivated to accomplish things for the future."

Mackenson Noel

"I am thankful for this huge opportunity and for the people who send their love to Haiti."

Blanc Richardson

"Now that I am working at HandUp, I have a reason to get up."

Joseph Samuel

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