HandUp Global Goods presents...

The HUGG Mission Market

A unique mission experience where your purchasing dollars make a positive impact in the lives of artisans around the world.

Shopping & Missions

The HUGG Mission Market is a dynamic platform that connects you with people from around the world. Our desire is to bring the reality of Psalm 90:17 into the lives of artisans whose hopes and dreams are important to God.

Learn about the makers who handcraft the beautiful products in our market and see how your purchasing power directly impacts their lives.

Verse OVerlay

The HUGG Impact

Aside from providing dignified work for artisans around the world, your purchasing dollars equip young men in Haiti with Jesus and jobs. With up to 80% of the world’s orphans being poverty orphans, we believe the HUGG model will prevent children from becoming orphans. Equip the men with Jesus and jobs and we start to grow stronger communities. Let’s bring an end to poverty orphans in Haiti. The more you shop, the deeper impact the HUGG model makes.

Giveback Products with a Story

The HUGG Mission Market carries on-trend home accessories, beauty products, leather goods and jewelry that are handcrafted with love by people who need a handup not a handout. The HUGG Mission Market invites you to take part in fashion that fuels change every time you make a purchase.

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"God has opened doors for me through HandUp and now I feel motivated to accomplish things for the future."

Mackenson Noel

"I am thankful for this huge opportunity and for the people who send their love to Haiti."

Blanc Richardson

"Now that I am working at HandUp, I have a reason to get up."

Joseph Samuel