Ansito Charles

Age 19

My life before HandUp

I live in a tent with my mother and sister. Before HandUp, I had to face many challenges everyday. Many times, I would get beat up by security guards at stores when I would go to beg for food and money. I also couldn’t go to school.

My life at HandUp

I now go to school and am in the 6th grade. It is my pleasure to work as an apprentice but soon I will be trained as an artisan.

What I have learned

I can now take care of my sister and mother and HandUp is helping me trying to buy a real house. I am thankful for Frantz and Natul who have made an end to all the problems that I faced begging on the streets.

My hopes for the future

I want to be a respectful man of society. My dream is to one day help my mom out of poverty.

Just for fun

Favorite sport: soccer
Favorite food: rice and beans, meat
Favorite hobby: playing soccer
Favorite color: red