Blanc Richardson

Age 22

My life before HandUp

One day my mom put me out with my things and I was left alone to live on the streets. I was 10 years old. It was very hard and older boys beat me often. I never want to go back to the streets again.

My life at HandUp

For a former street kid, working for an organization like this means a lot. My only family are my brothers who live and work with me, and those who took me in when I was a young teen living on the streets. I am thankful for this huge opportunity and for the people who send their love to Haiti.

What I have learned

I have learned to be more responsible and respectful. Also, I’ve learned that hard work is rewarding.

My hopes for the future

One day, I hope to be an engineer.

Just for fun

Favorite sport: basketball
Favorite food: rice and beans
Favorite hobby: studying for school
Favorite color: red