Charles Reginald

Age 23

My life before HandUp

I came to live on the streets when I was 6 years old. I remember one time having a terrible accident and there was no money and no one to take me to the doctor.

My life at HandUp

I didn’t think that making bracelets would provide a job for me and I am thankful for HandUp because they are developing that talent in me. I work hard and fast and I was awarded Top Performer this last year.

What I have learned

The people of Grangou taught me how to treat others well and how love can make a big change in the lives of others.

My hopes for the future

My dream is to become a bodyguard one day because I want to protect people. I am excited for the future and hope to be successful one day.

Just for fun

Favorite sport: basketball
Favorite hobby: singing for the Lord
Favorite food: rice and beans, chicken
Favorite color: red