Mackenson Noel

Age 22

My life before HandUp

I am from the city of Mirebalais and I have no brothers or sisters. Both of my parents died when I was little so I went to live with an aunt who mistreated me. When I was 8, I left her house to live on the streets.

My life at HandUp

I am thankful to God for taking me off the streets and now I am singing for Him in my church choir. I am good with macramé and enjoy coming up with new patterns so we can have more designs. I was also awarded Most Improved this year and hope to continue to get better.

What I’ve learned

Since so many have helped me, I also want to help others. God has opened doors for me through HandUp and now I feel motivated to accomplish things in the future.

My hopes for the future

One day, I hope to be a businessman.

Just for fun

Favorite sport: basketball
Favorite food: fish and plantain
Favorite hobby: reading bible and listening to music
Favorite color: black and yellow