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3 Trendy Jewelry Tips for Casual Moms

I’m not a style-guru by ANY stretch of the imagination, but I have learned a thing or two about jewelry trends and how to tame them a bit to fit my very casual-mom vibes. Here are  3 jewelry trends that will make you the master of combining busy (& tired) mom with a splash of style–hey! its a real thing. 

Color me Red

I love it in lipstick and nail polish but looking at my closet—I can’t say that I’m all that into rouge. With a busy non-profit and five even busier kids—buying a shiny pair of red pumps doesn’t quite make it to my daily to-do list.

But did you know that Valiant Poppy (an intense shade of red) is one of Pantone’s Top 10 Fall colors this season? I’m seeing it in shoes, blouses, coats and of course—in jewelry! Think red pumps and rubies! But for most of us—we don’t often have the occasion to wear expensive bling.  So here is my take on that Valiant POP of red for this season…..drum roll!!!!!

Red Tassel Earrings

These earrings make a statement even if the rest of me screams “more coffee please!” So if you want to save some shampoo and a little foundation, throw on a red baseball cap and a bold pair of earrings. Try it–I promise you’ll get compliments for being so casually cute:)

And you don’t have to do tassels—hoops, leather feathers, anything BIG and LIGHT so you don’t stretch those delicate darling lobes of yours.

#Arm Parties for Everyone!

I dare you to go into your jewelry drawer and start stacking bracelets indiscriminately.  Chances are you have the beginnings of an arm party. Although at this point it may be a little over-the-top flamboyant, a few adjustments will have you ready to roll in no time.

Rule #1—Choose a chunky centerpiece. Large Bauble beads, wood stretchies or a medium-sized cuff work.

Rule #2—Add a softer, thinner piece to balance “centerpiece”. You can make this a bold pop of color or keep it monochromatic like I did here.

Rule #3- A wrist wrap always helps the party along! Add volume and texture to your stack with a wrap—it’s like a stack within a stack.

Next time you hit another 2ndgrader’s birthday party, you’ll have your own little fiesta on hand….ha!

Layers of Love

Okay, so mamas like to go out occasionally and THIS is the time to go BIG and then go home to your warm cozy bed. But nevertheless, you can still GO BIG, you sexy kitten you.

Choker wraps are super popular right now and so very versatile. Like the Marcial Choker that I am wearing: I can leave it loose or can tie it to look like a cute boho bolo tie.

I then added a simple metal piece as my 2nd layer and an extra long cement pendant as the third. The trick is to have them jive together and not compete for attention. You can do this by making sure there is plenty of space between layers. You’ll get a tangled mess if they get up in each other’s space…nobody wants that.

3 is my lucky number when it comes to layers and this low-maintenance combination is as versatile as it is beautiful.

With so many amazing fair trade jewelry companies out there, you won’t have any trouble slipping in these trendy tips into your bijoux repertoire this season.

Tried out one of these tips? Send us a picture!