Host a Party

Host a Party

Step 1: Choose your kind of party

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Online Bracelet Bash

HandUp's newest and easiest way to throw a party!

Your online hostess will set you up with an easy-peasy Facebook party... and then YOU invite your friends.  Low maintenance party with a HIGH impact!  Ready?  Let's get started!


Just you, your friends, and a box of sample goodies.

Once you’ve filled out our hostess form, we’ll send you samples of our favorite styles with a complimentary t-shirt and bracelet just for you! Other items include: DVD, order forms, HandUp booklets, and a prepaid shipping box.

At your event, we recommend you show our video and share with your friends why you love the HandUp story. Guests can submit order forms. You include payment forms and samples in the prepaid box and return the box to us within 5-7 business days.

We fulfill orders and return to you OR mail directly to your guests. Your choice!

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If you live in the Houston Metropolitan area, you and your friends get to shop directly with a HandUp hostess. The best part is you get to take your goodies home with you that day.

Ready for a low-key adventure hosted in your home? Your purchase power has the potential to empower impoverished people worldwide. By hosting a bracelet bash, you say “yes” to fair trade practices and to fair wages. So yay for you! Plus, did we mention that as a hostess you get a free t-shirt plus a 40% discount off all of your purchases the day of the bash?

A HUGG Bracelet Bash is unique because guests get to go home with new jewelry. They also learn about the artisans who make all of the merchandise and how one purchase makes such a significant impact. We encourage you to add a splash of global chic to your evening by throwing in a global inspired mix of music and providing a quick and easy Creole-inspired appetizer menu.

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