One Bracelet ~ One Life

Job Creation + Spiritual Discipleship = Orphan Prevention

Take a moment to experience the impact of one bracelet on one life.

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Max is doing amazing work in the village of Canaan.  Do you see his potential to change the lives of the women and children in his sphere of influence?  He no longer relies on handouts to piece together an existence.  Instead, he now makes beautiful things with his hands, receives daily spiritual discipleship from our on-the-ground pastor, and is enrolled in a variety of vocational training classes.  He pours into this community because he recognizes his blessings and understands that with this great privilege, comes a responsibility to do his part in this great story of redemption.

He isn’t the only one at HandUp Global Goods that is daring to dream on behalf of his people.  There is Patrick.  He understands that commerce is a huge catalyst for promoting social transformation. Patrick dreams of becoming a great businessman one day. Through HandUp, he will continue to grow in his skills as an artisan but also through business development training and one-on-one mentorships.

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We give them a handUp to break them free from a life of handouts.

At HandUp, we believe that “Hope deferred makes the heart grow sick, but a longing fulfilled is the tree of life” (Proverbs 13:12). By partnering with these young men, we are a casting a vision for godly leaders to rise up in these impoverished communities. Let them become the husbands, fathers, pastors, business leaders of their people. Empower the men and allow them to touch the lives of the women and children.

Fashion that Fuels Social Transformation

Each handmade HUGG product purchased from the shop provides fair wages for HandUp’s artisans.